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Our website utilizes Java Scripting.  This enable you to get the most out of your visit. Some of you may get a window that says we are running Active X content or scripts.  Yes we are but they are not collecting information, they are supplying you with information about us and our  Products.  To get the most from out site we recommend that you add us to your trusted sites so you get the most out of it.  To do this Click Here and we will show you a benefit that you will get from this.  It will give you updates on sales and prices that we currently have going.  Thank you.

Our website does NOT and will NOT collect any personal information.  Any information given to us for the purpose of Custom cutting and wrapping is ONLY used for that purpose.  We shall NOT sell, give or distribute your information
to anyone, anywhere for any reason.  Our website will create cookies but nothing else.  You may choose to add our website to your favorites list and if you do a *favicon is saved in your temporary internet files.  This *favicon will NOT 
collect any information from you or your computer.  

Our website is an informational website only.  We do not accept orders
over the internet. If you receive an e-mail asking you for information regarding an order you have placed over the internet, it is a fraudulent e-mail.  We do not use e-mail on our site.  The only e-mail we have is for the Webmaster and that is only used for reporting problems with the site. Any information that we need you will called by an employee of Del Fox Custom Meats Inc. If you have reported a problem with the site you will receive an e-mail back from but you will NEVER be asked for personal information


Thank you for visiting us here on the Wonderful World Wide Web.

Management of Del Fox Custom Meats Inc.



* Favicon= is an icon that when you have saved a website to your favorites list an icon is stored in your hard drive and then as long as the website is stored in your favorites list this icon shows up in the IE5 internet browser or above, address bar to the far left and in your favorites file.  If you save the website to your desktop it will also create an icon so it is easily recognizable.


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