Don't have a fax machine. Don't want to print out and waste your ink on cutting instructions. Now you can use
your home computer as a fax machine and send us your cutting instructions without printing them!!

Computer Requirements:

NOTE: Windows Vista Home Premium edition does not have a fax program nor is there a fax program compatible with it on the market.

That's it!  You just need to set it up. The setup process will take a few minutes but it will be quicker for future faxes to to Del Fox Meats or anyone else. After you have completed the first fax all you need to do is start from Step number 13.  The Windows system pretty much tells you how to do it. 


To setup your computer for faxing pages directly from your computer follow these instructions:

  1. Go to your "Start" Menu

  2. Click on "Settings"

  3. Highlight and click "Control Panel"

  4. On the icons double click on "Add or Remove programs"

  5. On the left hand menu click on "Add/Remove Windows Components"

  6. Under the components section look for "Fax"

  7. If the box to the left of "Fax" is checked you are done with this step, continue to step 12

  8. If the box to the left of "Fax" is NOT check please continue

  9. If the box is NOT checked, Check it now and click on "Next"

  10. The computer will now install the components to run your fax system.

  11. Once this is done installing close all the windows that you opened to do this.

  12. Now fill out your form and make sure everything is there that is suppose to be there.

  13. Go to the top of the program that you are using to fill out the form Adobe or Word and click on "File" in the menu

  14. Go down to "Print" Click on that.

  15. Under the Print Menu Select your printer and click the drop down arrow to the Right of your printer

  16. Select "FAX" it should say "Fax" nothing else. Select it by clicking on it.

  17. Now click on the "OK" buttom at the bottom.

  18. Now you will get the "Send Fax Wizard"

  19. It will ask you to fill in your information. (You will only need to do this once)

  20. Once you have filled in your information you will come to a window of "Recipient information"

  21. In the "To:" box type in Del Fox Meats

  22. In the number box Enter 360-629-5184 (our Fax number)

  23. When entered Click on "Next"

  24. Now it will ask you if you want a cover page. If you do not wish to have a cover page leave the box un-checked

  25. If you do want a cover page go ahead and fill it out and use the "Generic" Cover page.

  26. When finished with that click on "Next" it will now ask you when you want to send it.

  27. Select "Now" in the first option and then "Normal" in the second.

  28. Now you MUST be OFF LINE (off the internet with your modem and your phone line Must be connected to your modem to send this fax. Once this has been done then you are ready to send.

  29. Click "Next"

  30. Click "Finish"

Your Done. You have now sent us your fax without using a Fax Machine on your end. You may do this with future faxes as well.


Windows VISTA Business or Ultimate Edition ONLY:



Step One

Connect your computer's dial-up modem. Check that your phone line is securely connected to your computer.

Step Two

Click the Vista "Start" button, select "All Programs," and then select "Windows Fax and Scan."

Step Three

If you havenít sent a fax before, the Fax Setup Wizard will appear. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your computer to send and receive faxes.

Step Four

When the fax program opens, click "Tools," and in the dropdown menu select "Fax Accounts" and click on "Add" to complete the process of establishing the fax. connection.

Step Five

To send a fax, select "New Fax" on the toolbar and enter a recipient and fax number when the window opens. The "To" field in the fax window is linked to addresses stored in Outlook or in the Windows Address Book so it can easily retrieve your contact's fax number and enter it in this field. Manually enter the name and number if it's not in the address book.

Step Six

Enter your fax message, then hit "Send." You've sent a fax in Vista.